Ingenuity & Prestige: The 2018 Ford Explorer

When it comes to sport utility vehicles, Ford is the brand of choice for many people, and its all-new Explorer personifies it best. This vehicle has striking good-looks thanks to its long flowing lines, its sculpted signature LED lighting, and its eye-catching attention to detail.

Here at Bell Ford, we have many new Explorers to choose from, and they come in many different colors. This includes shadow black, oxford white, ruby red, ingot silver, blue, burgundy velvet and many more. You'll definitely be the talk of the town while driving around in this masterpiece.

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What Ford SYNC 3 Can Do For You!

Ford has ramped up its game by introducing SYNC 3 in it's latest vehicles combining safety with voice command technology. SYNC 3 offers voice-activated commands for 911 assist, Sirius XM® Radio, and no hands calling. Voice command temperature control allows you adjust quickly to environmental changes. Ford has enhanced its voice command system to respond quickly to voice and touch control.

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GAP Insurance Is There For You

When you finance a new vehicle, you will want to have GAP insurance. It is like extra protection in case you need to replace the vehicle after an accident. GAP means Guaranteed Asset Protection, and you will be glad that you have it when you need it.

The GAP will be there in case your insurance on pays the market value of your car, leaving you with part of your loan amount yet to be covered. This can leave you in financial troubles. When…
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Warning Signs of a Car Battery that Could Be Failing

The battery in your car is responsible for powering more than you may even realize. When the battery fails, you lose the ability to use those items, and more often than not you wind up stranded on the side of the road needing help.

Here are some failing battery signs that will allow you to get the battery inspected and replaced before you are stuck.
- The headlights of your vehicle are getting dim when the car is first started each day.
- The engine appears to be taking longer than usual to crank over each day.
- The car horn does not…
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2017 Ford Fusion Struts its Stuff for

Should you find yourself seeking a midsize sedan for your next automotive purchase, we here at Bell Ford think you may well find your perfect fit in ours, the 2017 Fusion.

And what makes us say that, you wonder?

Click "play" on the clip below to find out; here to highlight the Fusion's best qualities is Managing Editor Jodi Lai:

If fuel efficiency is a priority, then look no further than the Fusion's mid-level engine, a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder.

Joining with a six-speed automatic transmission, the turbo-four is rated at a respectable 181 horsepower and…

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Could Cars Damaged by Hurricane Harvey End Up Sold in Adrian?

600 × 400

You don't want to buy a car with flood damage. Seriously.

Most experts agree that after a car has been sitting in more than a few feet of water, it's better off being sold for scrap. It can be painful junking these flood victims—they often look good as new on the outside. The problem is, there's no getting around the severe damage to all electrical systems, and no way to reverse the internal rusting once it has begun.

But that doesn't stop underhanded sellers from trying to pass off a damaged car as a sound…

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This Fighter-Jet Inspired Ford F-150 Raptor Sold at Auction for $300,000!

How much would you be willing to pay for the coolest Ford F-150 ever? One Las Vegas resident was willing to part with a whopping $300,000 for the right to own the only F-22 F-150 Raptor in existence.

Gary Ackerman, who serves as the Honorary Ambassador for the F-22 Squadron at Nellis U.S. Air Force Base in Nevada, won the fighter-jet-inspired off-road pickup at an auction to benefit the Young…

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2018 Ford Mustang Goes Retro

Ford goes retro with the 2018 Ford Mustang Pony Package. Limited to Mustangs fitted with the 2.3-liter inline-four EcoBoost engine, the Pony package brings back the iconic corral grille with options that add a number of throwback touches to the current Mustang.

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