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Warning Signs of a Car Battery that Could Be Failing

The battery in your car is responsible for powering more than you may even realize. When the battery fails, you lose the ability to use those items, and more often than not you wind up stranded on the side of the road needing help.

Here are some failing battery signs that will allow you to get the battery inspected and replaced before you are stuck.
- The headlights of your vehicle are getting dim when the car is first started each day.
- The engine appears to be taking longer than usual to crank over each day.
- The car horn does not…
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Time to Consider Getting a New Car Battery

The battery in your car is responsible for giving you all those luxuries that you may be taking for granted. Without the battery, the stereo, the interior lights, the headlights, the navigation system, and charging stations, all would stop working.

Consider these signs of a failing battery:
  • Each time you start the car, the headlights appear to be dimmer than the time before.
  • The car horn sounds weaker than you remember it sounding.
  • When you turn over the car in the morning, the engine cranks very slowly.
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